Original Terms and Conditions

General conditions for rental of the villa

In these conditions apply:
a. Marc Steketee this called the landlord and one who offers the villa, residing on the JA v / d Goes Kade 63, 4461 BJ Goes Mobile 06-24848939.
b. Lead Tenant: The party of the lessor, being the recipient of the rent was agreed and therefore the person who rented the villa. The villa is rented out exclusively for recreational purposes.
c. The villa is located in Fyssaeri, Douliana, Crete, Greece.

Article 1: Formation lease
1.1 The contract comes about because the main tenant of the landlord accepts the offer. Acceptance may be by telephone or email. Any acceptance is confirmed by a confirmation email. The main tenant is the personal information listed on the booking confirmation is always good to check.
1.2 person acting on behalf or for another one tenancy agreement is jointly and severally liable for all obligations under the agreement.
1.3 Once the reservation is the bill, also confirmed by mail sent to you. Your (in)-payment is also your reservation request.

Article 2: Prices
2.1 The rental prices include booking, the cost of energy and local taxes but excluding the additional service of cleaning. These costs amount to € 50, -

Article 3: Payment
3.1 The establishment of a reservation must be within one week a deposit of 25% of the total rental requirements.

3.2 The full rent must be at least 1 week before the date of commencement will be met.
3.3 If the lease within 1 month before the date of commencement is established, the entire rental fee will be paid within 7 days after the conclusion.
3.4 In case of late payment reminder after the lease be terminated with immediate effect after the main tenant for the cancellation rules.

Article 4: Maximum number of people
4.1 Up to 6 people allowed in or on the field, the house overnight. That number may not be exceeded. Exceeding the rental agreement is legally considered as dissolved and the access to the villa without entitlement to a refund of the rent withheld.
4.2 Exceptions are made in consultation and consent can only be given in writing. Pets are not allowed.

Article 5: Arrival and departure
5.1 The arrival time is always 15:00. Upon arrival deviating from the agreed date, you have a telephone appointment with the landlord. Upon arrival you are welcomed by a representative of the landlord of the villa.
5.2 The house must be clean and orderly condition to be delivered. And comments, and found damaged must be paid within 24 hours to make known to the landlord.
5.3 The time of departure is later than 11.00 hours. The landlord will damage its observed within 24 hours to notify you and hold you liable.

Article 6: Obligations of the tenant / house and care for the environment - damage - cleaning - Liability
6.1 The villa is rented by tenants with due care and diligence to be occupied in compliance with the peace and environment. If the tenant does not behave as a good tenant or serious inconvenience or expense caused to its environment, can he / she continued to be denied access to the villa and the lease shall automatically be considered as dissolved without entitlement to a refund of the rent.
6.2 If the tenant unexpected damage to rented villa and / or inventory, it should immediately be reported to the landlord. The related repair and replacement costs must be paid immediately on the spot. The main tenant is responsible for his / her, by joint tenants and visitors caused any damage even if such damage is found after your departure.
6.3 Cleaning. The villa is on your departure to be delivered broom clean. Furniture that moves, they should return to their own place to be put back. Tableware accessories should be cleared. There will be a cleaning out. The costs are borne by the main tenant.
6.4 Linen in the form of duvet covers, fitted sheets, pillowcases, towels and tea towels are provided. These grants are all gathered in the bathroom.
6.5 Legal liability. The tenant is pointed out well to bring its legal liability in case of fire caused by him of that house to insure.

Article 7: Changes by the tenant
7.1 Until 14 days before the date of commencement, the tenant may request changes to the lease, which will be applied where possible.
7.2 The change costs 15 euros per change.
7.3 From 14 days before the commencement date of change is no longer possible.

Article 8: Cancellation by the tenant
8.1 Upon cancellation, the main tenant the following amounts:

• cancellation from the day of booking until 28 days before date of arrival: 30% of the rent.
• Cancellation from the 28th day and 14th day before date of arrival: 60% of the rent
• Cancellation from the 14th day until the day of arrival 90% of the rent.
• cancellation on the day of arrival or later: the total amount.

8.2 A tenant who is not prevented and can claim compensation for cancellation pursuant to a cancellation, one can propose another suitable person to take his place on the following conditions:

• meets all the other tenant in the lease conditions.
• the request received at least 7 days before date of arrival presented.
• that the tenant in a written statement is received that it has taken note of the lease and the terms and conditions and accept.

8.3 The change costs 50 euros.

Article 9: Cancellation by the landlord
9.1 The landlord can only terminate the lease due to significant circumstances. The tenant has in this case be entitled to a refund of any portion of the fare already paid.
9.2 The landlord has the right to terminate the lease without liability to be liable for any damages in case of force majeure such as political unrest, war, nuclear accidents, natural disasters, general strikes, fire, etc.

Article 10: Liability of landlord
10.1 The landlord is liable for the proper performance of the obligations under the lease.
10.2 When the landlord offered to rent a villa, the owner assumes no liability, except from gross negligence, for any damages directly or indirectly.
10.3 The owner is not liable for damages resulting from defects in the execution of the lease under circumstances which are attributable to the tenant, including damages resulting from the health condition of the tenant.
10.4 The lessor accepts no liability for damages for which travel and / or cancellation insurance cover tend to provide, or for damages the tenant in the exercise of his profession or business suffers.
10.5 If the owner can be held liable for loss of rent enjoyment, the compensation will never exceed the rent more than once.
10.6 The owner is not liable for temporary outages or disruptions in and around the villa of water and / or energy management, heating, or any changes to access routes, transport, travel and / or closing shops, businesses etc.
10.7 The landlord can regarding noise, building and construction, street etc. roadwork around the property to the extent not previously announced, no responsibility.
10.8 The landlord is not liable for damages, material or physical, occurred in or around the house.

Goes, October 2010